Sunday, 25 October 2009

First Post

Hello everybody. On Friday night 23rd October 2010 various members of the fine scale community met in North Shields and one of the things discussed was should we have a web site. The consensus was that we couldn't justify the cost of hosting.

But "wait a minute", said Simpson "we could just start a blog." Since nobody knew (or this was how it appeared, because nobody else shouted up) Paul, our illustrious organiser, decreed with some justification - "you know what you're talking about, you do it....!

So here it is. With my limited knowledge of blogs and the internet I have been able to set this one up. It's for our use as a group of fine scale modellers.

Over time, probably quite a short time, we will refine what will occur on this little piece of 'space'.

So watch it - the space that is......!